Divorce & Child Specialist


Because the amount of conflict between parents during and after a divorce can have such negative impacts on all involved, especially children, it's wise to take steps to reduce that conflict.

By meeting with me in the office you will learn to listen for understanding in order to reduce conflict, improve cooperation by improving communication, develop positive negotiation skills, increase understanding of your child's developmental needs, as well as to bring awareness to each home's structure, boundaries, expectation, consequences, follow through and consistency.

Co-parenting Counseling can empower you and your co-parent to help your kids stay connected as your family transitions to a new normal. 

Child Specialist

A child specialist is a child centered, family focused intervention role that is especially helpful to families who are attempting to make parenting decisions post separation and divorce. The Child Specialist provides a safe and developmentally appropriate way to include children's input so that parents can consider children as part of the process rather than objects to be discussed and distributed. The Child Specialist is trained in specialized assessment approaches to working with children and views children as part of a broader family system.

The child specialist WILL NOT put children in the middle of the parents nor place the child in the position of being a decision maker. 

Collaborative Divorce

I believe that families don’t belong in court. I have seen the emotional pain and financial hardship that divorce  litigation causes in the lives of individuals. 

As a Divorce Coach, I am a neutral participant in your process, helping both spouses recognize, negotiate and communicate emotional concerns during the divorce process. 

As opposed to engaging in emotionally charged conflicts, a coach can assist divorcing couples to think more clearly, helping you to navigate this difficult time in a more respectful and constructive manner.

Collaborative Divorce allows you to resolve disputes respectfully — without letting a judge decide the fate of your family — while working with collaboratively trained professionals who work to support you and your family through the legal, financial, emotional, and parenting issues.